Frequently Asked Questions about Google’s 360° Tours

The finished Tours are like an invitation from Google to VIEW your business. It will appear in Google search results, Google Maps and Google+ pages. These search results will look more inviting, colourful and informative, allowing your customers to really engage with and explore your business via the interactive experience. It also pushes you up the SEO, as people will be staying longer on your site - Google like that!
The fear of the unknown if generally the reason some people do not try something new! Visiting (and inspecting) your business on-line, will take that apprehension away, so they are confident in walking through your front doors, knowing they will have a warm welcome!
YES and NO! They appear in your "Photos" and in the special tab "360°" as photos, but when you click on them you are actually integrated in to Google Maps!
Never! Or every couple of months! Its completely up to you! If your an Antique Dealer with a high stock turn-over and want to showcase your items, you might want to do it monthly! But if your a retail store, you would be happy with the one vitual tour and maybe a seasonal one for Christmas! With Google's updated editing software, it is now possible to update just one are of the tour. So if you have just re-styled one part of your business, there is no need to re-shoot the whole lot!
I'm a fully accredited Trusted Photographer and have been a professional photographer for over 30 years. I only use the best professional equipment to capture your tour, to show it off tho its maximum beauty so that prospective customers will see it at its best.
It really depends on the size of the business, but around one to two hours is needed to complete the panoramic photographs.
No, it's business as usual! The equipment used is just one tripod and a camera, so a discreet operation is ensured! For privacy, Google's software blurs out any faces that may appear in photograph's too, so ultimate discretion is guaranteed.
Generally a very big YES!!! Unless "messy" is your USP.
As with faces and number plates, we make sure that security alarms, sensors and keypads are also blurred so they cannot be "cased" on line by the criminal element!
You do! Once our invoice is paid, we will transfer the attribution of the tour to you. You will ten be able to use on-line tools to track the amount of visitors you get, and which panos are the most popular.
Yes, that's no problem! You can easily use a simple embedding code and insert your business virtual tour directly into your website or blog, plus its can be posted to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Click in the Link above to follow our easy steps to share and embed your Step-Inside Tour
From the day of your shoot, it takes an average of 24 hoursys for the virtual tour and images to be processed, uploaded, then quality checked and published by Google. (Although, it can take a little longer for the Tour to be completely integrated and the arrows between the panos to appear)
Not at all! Prices start from £195 for a small 5 - 10 pano shoot. An average store or pub can we would need about 15 to 20 panos at a cost of £295. Call us on 07973 705477 and we can discuss your requirements.
Yes we can shoot private homes, ideal if your selling your house. They give potential buyers a realistic feel for the house. These are hosted on our own servers.
Again, these are hosted on our own servers, apart from Holiday Lets, which can be hosted on Google.
Yes of course, but we cannot show any people there. So it must be shot when there is no public access.
Yes! Just as you can with Street View. Once you have set up your headset, you are away!
Your 360° Tour can be hosted on a private server. This is exactly like the Google Tours, but with added enhancement of auto rotation and the addition of personalised Menu. These are also not governed by Google's restrictions, so private homes, events etc can be hosted on them.





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