Highwood Green Development, Marden

As a Google Trusted Photographer, I’m required (and enjoy) being a Google Local Guide.
Yesterday, I had to go to an address in Marden to collect a couple of wicker chairs a lady had on FB Gossip page.
The address was on one of the new estates in Marden. Well, it’s been there two or three years now and you would have thought that Google would have sorted the road name out by now!
Luckily the lady’s directions were perfect! But the road names were completely shot or non-existent!
So while I was there, I thought I might as well but my local Guide head on and try to sort it out!
All the roads on that estate have now been reported to Google and will hopefully be updated in the next few days.
Although I shoot 360° photos, it is mostly geared towards business premises. We’ll have to wait for the Google car’s next visit to update the street view images. In the meantime, you will have to make do with these!

If you’re having problems with your Google listing,  contact me and I will try my best to sort it out for you.